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May 7, 2012

072. Intersections

 An intersection

Terima kasih Tuhan.

Kau berikan aku rough and bumpy rides.
So I would appreciate the days, I could sleep on the cozy bed.

Dear Heart of all those ladies,
I know we've been hurt too many time,
but for that too many time,
Worry not,
Allah has prepared the awesome story line for us to continue our journey.

Yet, the beginning might not be satisfying
But truly believe,
Allah knows best.

Indeed, if the ending is not what we may claim as a happy one,
Have faith,
Allah gives us what we deserve and need.

Life is not only about facts and details.
Its about those dots that connect one another.

How cliche it may sound,
Life has its own way.

Its not hard to make a new friend,
Allah knows.
Purify your heart and smile.
A reminder to me.


"Life is full of intersections. Each one of us met at one of the intersected points"



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