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May 23, 2011

A simple Salam.



I will continue my writing here.
is one precious property that i have ever had.

Let it be slow but continously.
Don't make it drastically and stop in sudden.

And like what i had previously said in my entry before before,
To change, need time.
and improvisation to make things better, each day.
Whole lot time and sacrifices.
It is a journey through out your entire lifetime.
It is not a destination.
Our true destination is the only Pure Bliss of Jannah, Insyaallah.


p/s  : Alhamdulillah I am very much content with my new life.

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Qautsar said...

Salam alaik sister,

"to change, need time.And improvisation to make things better,each day"

what a word.



the hardest yet the precious one.

may Allah bless u, ukhti.