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July 4, 2011

014. Random


Too precious to hold.
Too kind to let go.
Too beautiful to see.
Too special to hurt.
Too lovely to hate.
but please, don't be too soon to be the past. 

Biar kisah ini, hanya mereka yang tahu, yang tahu.

Kadang-kadang saya rasa, saya seperti Kassim Selamat dalam Ibu Mertuaku.

*orang yang tahu, yang tahu.

I just wish i don't have to force myself to cucuk my eyeballs oneday. Ahaha.
Allah is there to jaga me and everyone that i care most.
I trust that wholeheartedly.

Lately, since i change my genre of writing, i guess i am lacking of humor in my blog.
I am sorry. It is just i prefer to talk things on surface. Not too deep until people can read my mind easily and be too transparent.
It is like i am putting myself naked through my writing, which i want to carefully observing it by now.

And being a normal girl.
I do have my own sense of humor and i am not that always being the sad-girl who sits on the corner of the class.
Chill okay.

I have 3 videos that i promised to put here before, but when i went through all the life changing processes, i decided not to put it yet.
Not until the right time. When i can find my own calm and tranquility and of course, self-strength.

These videos, were taken when i was at my Kampung (about 2/3 months ago), looking for the perfect serenity and isolating myself.
Alhamdulillah, everything went well.

And now, i have to keep on maintaining what i have now, and try to be better as the days are changing at the super-rapid rate.

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