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August 23, 2011

029. It is not because we are blind.

Seorang rakan kesayangan minta tolong saya ajar dia cara "How to tengok bulan".

and I said ;

Sometimes , it is not we are blind that we can't see, but because we choose not to see it.

Benar kan? Kita selalu lebih rela tutup mata, pekak telinga.

And I shall say, I miss the full moon very much. Looking up to the sky last night, the moon is getting smaller ...

Another month is coming and I shall be prepared, so do you guys.


Assalammualaikum :')


Anonymous said...

kak maryam kirana(or you preferred to be called mkay?^^), you have two 29th entries;)

semoga kita bersedia!

i'll miss Ramadhan, a lot:)

M. said...

Thanks anonymous :)

ni entry 29, entry yang baru, padahal dalam simpanan beribu entries hehe :D

I'll be missing ramadhan too :D