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August 26, 2011

032. Sisters by faith.

Salam alaykum dear ladies ,

Just in case we think, we are having the hardest battle being a Muslimah,
think again,

we are not alone

With the emotions and stuffs going on, yeah no other guy can take the task of being a lady in Islam,
but sure is,
you are strong enough, my dear sisters.

Your tears aren't to show your weaknesses, but to show the strength you have deep inside your soul.

And yes, watching these videos, buat saya tak sabar nak masuk semula ke Gombak. haha :D

Skip raya, and start the hectic schedule?

"Wanita Islam cantiknya pada agama yang menjadi tunjang hidupnya, bukan pada yang terpamer di luaran"

Jom, hiasi diri elok-elok , untuk cantik di mata Yang Paling Utama.

and because, true beauty can't just be seen by random people. Only those who appreciate , will feel it.



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Aqmar Ismail said...

jyeahhhhh haha i dont know why, tiba2 jadi semangat semacam hehe