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October 16, 2011

049. Never easy but isn't impossible

Salam alaykum,

I never say the process of changing is easy.


I never say that

when you changed to something,

it will be easy.


The path that you take, is never easy.
Maybe Allah give ease for you,
but somehow for every success and failure ahead,
You are to decide.

and everything lies in Allah's will.

Sorry, I am saying this due to my hecticness and somehow my projects.
I may seemed to be carefree.

I try to keep my mind distracted.
Not to think,

About "how busy" my course is.
how hectic it is.
With piling up assignments and projects and models and workbooks and much to be told.

But yeah, this is the field I chose to be in.
So, I have to do it.

Dare to fail?


and btw,
I just went for an interview.
Pray for me.
I hope I can go thru it.
It has been my dream since forever, to have my own article published somewhere.

I mean, yeah ,
Blog or school mags are another different story.
But to get a column in the Uni's newpaper, is Cool right?

Yeah, perhaps.
Only geek like me who loves to blabber much, will think it is COOL.

I shall stop now.

By the way again,
I do have 4 stories to share. But not in the mood to write very poetic melancholy emotional stuffs now.
My mind is really "straighthy".
What the?

Idk how to describe.
It's just, I don't feel to write.


Salam alaykum.

p/s : Am inspired by the video I attached above.

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