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October 31, 2011

053. Hey November, I don't realize you're coming tonight.

Salam alaykum.

Time is moving so fast and It is almost a year since that day. The day I realized everything need to be changed. And almost a year of going thru a process where ending is not the destination but the "pit-stop" to the other part of the real destination.

It is quite unbelievable. How I thought everything that was impossible were actually can be done, If I strive hard for it. At least, for some little thing in my life that I manage to alter the perspectives , I shall be grateful for that and hope and maintain not to lose it.


And it becomes too soon to ponder. There's no time to relax and sit to re-check back what I've been doing for these past months (deep and thorough self-reflections). Everything is moving. And so do I.
Maybe, the phase that I am in, is still slow compared to you or even my surrounding, but I hope at least the progress is there. At least I am moving step by step. Even a millimeter.

Nice huh?

I don't believe in the month's luck. But I do believe in Allah's gift to make the month a lucky month for me. Or actually, every months that I have been living so far, Is lucky enough. For everyday, I have new stories to be shared, secrets to be kept and thoughts to be changed.


Talking about Facebook. I actually kinda dislike the "LIKE" button, for now, at least. Its like when I keep on posting something, people will LIKE it, but, is it the thing that I post were pasted and glued to their heart?

Or its just another random post that I post?

Or its just me, who needs those attention and fame when numbers of people entered the "LIKE" button? Huh. That is not a good intention, kan?

That's why, I do wish the "LIKE" button wouldn't exist. I am scared the pure intention of sharing is changed, deep deep inside my heart. :'(

Blame me. and only Allah shall judge me.

That's why I once said ,
"Nak join itu ini senang, tapi nak jaga niat Lillahi Taa'la itu yang payah" ...

From people we get, to people we give back. InsyaAllah , together we manage our feelings and intention. For the good sake and bad, only Allah can judge.

Salam alaykum ...

p/s : Is working on my small-theater project and conservation studio project and here and there :)

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