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November 2, 2011

054. Ain't expecting too much.

Salam alaykum.

Never put high expectation on people, as it may lead to serious major fatal disappointment later on. That's why for every step that I take and I put trust in people, I am being moderate.

Maybe, in your way of looking me ; I am too pushy. I want you to be this. Exactly this.
But you know what, I never expect anyone to be perfect. Example : If I do expect for a guy to be perfect like an angel , the Imam that can leads a girl like so-super-ly perfect with no flaws here and there, I am living a DREAM LIFE. Which is never there.

Having a life means, I or even you are prepared enough to endure the pain and happiness of reality. Reality means ; you know there's the kick-behind-your-back moments and also times when you have the most sweetest moment in life.

And therefore, it is quite heartbreaking when you see, people whom you fond most tend to go away , just because they thought YOU WANT THEM TO BE PERFECT.

Hey, If I do really wanna befriend only with "perfect creatures" on earth, I shall have BARBIE & KENT or even ROBOTS as my friends. But unfortunately , I still have "IMPERFECT creatures" as people that surround me days and nights. By their and my imperfections, we create perfections. And I see nothing is wrong living with those differences ahead. As long as, there's the give-and-take part. Be rational. Matured enough kan?

To whom who may concerned ; you would just never know how it is to see someone and to convince that person so hard. I am okay for the time being. But surprisingly (even to me) , I cried to sleep... To think of this. Alhamdulillah, it was just a simple and short tears that came down running the cheeks. And I hope it wont be repeated anytime soon. Allah is there. He knows what I am facing, He knows everything even to my end of chapter. Why should I be worried?

*pat my shoulder ...

*look at the window ...

Dark night. And I am alone.

"Jangan jadikan cinta manusia, sebagai penyebab awak lari dari cinta hakiki tuhanmu.
Jangan jadikan indah dunia, sebagai penyebab awak lupakan akan kenikmatan di akhir nanti"

"Islam itu indah, tapi yang hodohnya itu saya. Hinalah saya, bukan hina Islam saya"

"Dengan menjaga diri saya, sebenarnya saya menjaga diri awak juga. Dan sebab sayangnya saya, eloklah saya berdiam-diam sahaja"

"Sabar itu dapat dicapai dengan hati yang dididik"

"Nak tunggu waktu iftarnya, walaupun keadaan diri terkontang kanting menahan lapar dan dahaga puasa. Biar manisnya kekal dirasa..."

"knock, knock, who's there?"


p/s : La Tahzan La Tahzan ...


saya said...

sayang awak.

be strong. and i will be strong too!

p/s: Awak, kita dah tdur time awak msg, later kita chit chat ok?
sorry tau tak reply msg awak immediately.

naDia said...

mk. selamat hari raya aidil Adha.
Be strong n anything u do k =)!