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April 21, 2012

067. Audience.

I have nothing to say anymore.

Stop contemplating will you?

Benar, jika Allah ingin menguji hati itu, seberat ujian hati ini akan terima.
Tolong jangan gagalkan aku, Ya Tuhan.

Reading all the words, lines by lines, made me confused whether they are addressed to which one of her.
Eventually, she becomes an important chapter of this whole journey.

To read every hatred, guilt, regrets that everyone hold within themselves,
kinda affects me in some ways.
Even, the words may have nothing to do with my existence.
I guess, that's how it works.

Seluk balik hati ini, jangan bagi keras. Nanti susah nak dilembutkan.

This time around last year, it was different.
I was seeking for True Love of HIM, was a tough journey but indeed full of sweetness.
Am I losing it too soon?

Just, stop being childish please, everyone.
I had enough , of being a spectator.
Please just don't.

Allah uji segala jenis rasa yang aku ada,
erti sabar, erti setia, erti memahami, erti redha, erti hidup, erti kasih, erti pengorbanan, erti kehilangan, erti menyucikan kembali hati dan menyuntik kembali kekuatan.


I seek apology from everyone.
If I could meet her , I'll hug her.
I am sorry, my dear.

Browsing thru my own posts, rupanya I've been a silent and faithful spectator since November.
Ya Allah, how time is moving really fast.

Please, never hurt a heart, for the curse will be forever.
I am a lady, I know how it feels to be one.

Salam alaykum w.b.t

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anis said...

Assalamualaikum Maryam Kirana a.k.a MK :)

Kenapakah deact fb? merajuk kah?

'ala kulli hal, semoga terus thabat, walaupun susah nak reach via fb lepas2 ni :)

tingkatkan kesabaran :) for life is just a test from Him to see if we have a firm faith in HIM.

semoga dapat berjumpa awak lagi bila2, kalau tidak sekarang, insyaAllah di syurga :)

anis :)