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October 21, 2012

026. A Forced Fullstop.

At times, I wonder why is it okay for you to say hello to others but not to me.
Is it hard to talk to me.
As it should, as we did before.

"Don't come and go.
Come and go."
Do you remember, that was what you said to me
long ago before,
when I was stepping back from knowing a person like you?

Been cut.

I shall be patient.

To wait for something better that Allah has been promising to us.

Kalau lah ada doktor yang memang observe tahap peningkatan aku,
aku harap progressnya cukup baik.
Aku harap hati kembali segar,
kekuatan kembali pulih.

I could not stand it,
to cry alone.
to shiver every now and then.
to be numb.
to shout my lung out in the deep silence.

and yes,
Allah is watching. Allah is listening.

Thank You.

Few weeks ago Aaina told me how she feels connected to this song and dedicated to me. But I was blur and I could not receive the message she was trying to send. But now, for every words from this song, I learn and mean it by heart.

Just in case you show up. ; you said you'd call, but you did not. So I guess, I just don't deserve any explanation. Just put a forced fullstop in an incomplete sentence of questions.


pikir kool said...

i hope *whomever* it is this post refers to, would say 'hi' to u again. :)

i think i'm kinda detached, but i do understand the need of connecting to another.

LailaAlfisyahr. said...

cik kool, deep down I do hope for things to be okay again.
a new hi will be good to sooth the heart out.

But I have to pat my shoulder and keep my heart strong.
Not to expect anything.

You know how expectation leads to disappointment aite?