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May 7, 2013

.33. Contradiction.


In this country, you are introduced by the slogan of  "1Malaysia"
but then, in this country also, the claimed to be number ONE newspaper in Malaysia
made a front cover "Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?"

Doesn't it sounds contradict and just ... racist?

Sorry to say.
I have my Indian bestfriends, my Chinese friends since SIGS and also PLKN.
We've been taughtt not to be differed by sentimen perkauman,
but sadly to say,
the media that is controlled by 'hidden hands'

provoke us with this issue, day by day.

Tolonglah, Islam yang sebenar Islam tak pernah lansung bersifat perkauman,
Islam dan DAI'E nya memandang manusia di muka bumi ini adalah
calon calon yang ditarget untuk ditarbiyyahkan.

Bukan dinyahkan dari muka bumi.


I've been emotional, when I read about this issue.
I guess, the 'higher' authority should be more matured.
And stop playing with the sensitive issues.

You know, macam air yang tenang, kau sengaja kocak kocak kan.

Don't blame anyone if one time nanti,
ada mana mana pihak yang sabarnya sudah paling teruji,
will start any event that will cause harm.

See, who starts first?

Kanak kanak pun tidak begini gaduhnya.

Kita diajar, dididik untuk hidup bersama, tapi bila begini,
segala perbezaan dibangkit kembali?
Apakah segala nya adalah sekadar sandiwara saja duhai Orang Orang Besar?

Think wisely. Think wisely.

If people would ask me , who am I,
I shall say, "I am a Muslim before Malay"

Sedangkan bangsa Arab yang nabi turun dalam kelompok mereka pun, tuhan dah bilang dalam Quran,
they have NO higher position or advantage over another bangsa. Mahu meragukan lagi ayat Allah?
Yang membezakan kita hanyalah Taqwa.

Dan kalau mahu argue, they are not MUSLIM?

So, didik lah mereka mengenal Islam yang sebenar benar Islam.
Bukan dengan mencaci hina mengutuk mengata.
You are asking them to go back to their 'country' sedangkan, they are born and raised here?


Okay I shall stop. It is never my intention to pollute Diam with issues that is condemning others or what not.
But I just hope to see Malaysian work together
and stop being so selfish just to cover up your flaws.

No body is perfect.
We are not obliged to live under another one's rules of thinking, if it doesn't fit with ours.

Salam alaykum wbt.

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p/s :  Faktor perubahan usia, emosi dan sekeliling berjaya memanipulasi pemikiran dan cara penulisan seseorang. I'm a big girl now, and I am not going to talk about petty matter too much. EnsyaAllah :)

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