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March 30, 2014

I am random.

"Perempuan itu apa?"

"soalan apakah ini?"


"Perempuan itu meletihkan"

"Definisi kau silap"

dan aku mahu tahu apa definisi perempuan buat kamu.
adakah kerana jiwa santun lembut perempuan,
mereka boleh disepah sepah kan kah?


Bersama new resolution of life, approaching 23 years of living,
thanks for the words of wisdom, good mates and anyone that have been thru together all along.

Detaching unimportant fragments from life,
can be quite painful, but once you get away from them,
its much easier, to carry forward and move away.

For that, I do hope
I have the best reminder plastered on my mind, and glued to my heart.
always, and forever always.


Its good to have, good company
that treat you best.

Even some may be beast,
there's always two sides of a coin, right?

I have to start writing again, in private.
HAve a nice theater play
Good storylines and just being random again.

Or just, anything.

I miss all those kinda feeling, running in me.
When friendship was so pure, life was so easy.
But things change, people change, memory stays.

Selamat menghidup kan diri, wahai seorang Maryam.

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