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January 31, 2017

170131 After Two years.

It has been a long time since the last update. Betul betul hibernation nih.


This space shall never be forgotten.
Since I was standard 5, I own a blog up till today. But life changes, things move forward and little that we know, the only time left is super limited.

I actually intended to update this blog yang berhabuk, earlier this year. However konon konon busy and penat, I prolonged it.

Just some quick recaps, For I shall remember when I am old.

August 2015, Got engaged with my bestfriend. Despite everything, we made it clear. Balik kampung tengah tengah exam English just for this E-day. A small ceremony with loved ones.

November 2015, Graduated from IIUM finally. Another Alhamdulillah! Convo with friends, family and a fiance. I didn't expect it to be that way, but Allah knows aite :)

January 2016, Joined PruBsn Takaful as part time Takaful Agent. At first I did it because nak cari side income for tabung kahwin. I did my istikharah only then I buat and started to do sale.

May 2016, Missed the Bangkok Trip due to last minute submission. Its okay tho, only to know hikmahnya the trip is a week after my wedding day.

June 2016, Resigned from Genius Aulad. A big decision so far, and putting much Tawakkul in Allah.

July 2016, to be exact 30th July 2016, changed my title from Miss to Mrs. Alhamdulillah, a ceremony full of love and support from family and friends. I couldn't repay their kindness with anything. It was pretty much awkward to have Azim as my husband as we often argued on things masa kawan kawan dulu. But yeah, I know why I chose him somehow. He is definitely an opposite of Maryam. He's my chill pill :)

August 2016, Bertandang in Parit Buntaq, Perak. I am so thankful to be in the family of Azim's. So much simplicity and love. I couldn't wish for more. I've always wanted a man with Kampung as my husband. Allah granted it well. Alhamdulillah, I enjoyed it and look forward for every Kampung trip up till today.

September 2016, Started to join Al-Isra JB Office, at first it was quite hard to start over, after so long I've lost the momentum. I cried a lot. Seriously, a lot. I took all my strength to do it, and challenge myself. The only reason for me to stay is, because of Amanah orang that I want to hold tight. O' Allah please give ease to me.

December 2016, I ended up my sales with 106,680 collection. I nearly hit my target for this year. However I was too exhausted. Perhaps, that's the rezeki for this year. I managed to pull thruu from 50k something yeah. Somehow, I achieved my husband's challenge and it's the most satisfying feeling I've ever had. The moment he said,  "Congratulations, Now you can be a Full Time Agent", really put me on relief and took away the heavy feeling off my shoulder. Alhamdulillah


2015-2016 was so far the best years for me. I don't know what Allah has put me up in 2017. I hope it is all good ones. Still planning for Juniors, but less people know, we have so many of our own planning. Therefore, we'd just say, "When the perfect time comes, Allah will never delay"

So, I chill.

and yeah, currently I go by the name of #mrymbertakaful.

Till then.

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