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February 28, 2017

170228 Behind the Curtains.

Assalammualaikum wbt

It is the end of February, and it is almost 2 am. and I couldn't sleep yet.

This blog is still a favorite place of mine, Facebook is too clustered, Instagram too and Twitter is only only few sentences.

So, here it goes.

Of thoughts and hope.

Somehow, we could expect things to change, but sometimes it stays how it is. And we force ourselves to keep appreciating for what we have because they are many others who are begging to be in our place and to have what we have.

I have been bombarded by typical questions, and up till one extend I caught myself so pressured and tensed over the expectation of others on me. Sadly, sometimes I got no support or lack of it, to actually convince me it is Alright. Everything is Fine. I do get it sometimes, but yeah. It hurts.

At times, I got myself gloomy, and only myself know how I am battling against it. It is so true that, only Allah is with us. Only Allah listens, Only Allah sees, Only Allah knows what is in out hearts. Therefore, I beg Him to always give me strength and to look at everything that happens with Hikmah.

For now, my focus is directed to my work. I am filling up my time, planning my career, build up my stairs of achievement that I can somehow be satisfied for. I know, some of you would say it is for worldly matter, worldly pleasure. But excuse me, it is my life after all. Most probably, that is how Allah is setting up for me. So, it is my duty to pick myself up and go forward in whatever I do best.

Alhamdulillah, I am catching up with my business. I learned the pace, and I have fallen in love in doing so. Facing up rejections, hurt me sometimes. But I try not to be a kiddo anymore. No pain, no gain. I know I am aiming for something big, so I shall respect my dream, yah?!

Allah counts all my deeds, even if I feel, I am so lonely in this road. But yeah, I do have supports from my loved ones sometimes.

One thing for sure, I ask my Lord is to keep me sane and not make me forgetting Akhirah, because after all, that's the highest aim of life, kan?

"Some friends would say to me, keep on inspiring, Mkay, you've inspired me"

Honestly, I don't know celah mana I do inspire you. But I am so thankful of that thoughts. I may seems strong, but I do have my vulnerable part inside. Everyone has that. But it is up to us, to flaunt and make use what's best in us. Betul tak?

So, instead of asking me hurtful questions, or giving me harsh comments; could anyone of us please what progress I have made in life? Other than that part, because for God sake, you just don't know anything behind everything. But in case if you want to give any helping hand, to help us plan our lives, to provide any funding for our future, than you may say it.

After all, keep your words to yourself.

Am I being too emotional? haha

I hope I am not, because sincerely, I don't say this out to those in front of their face. I only speak it out to you, dear bloggy. Thanks for always be there, despite me ignoring you for years. >,<


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