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March 31, 2017

170331 To be cherished later


Supposedly, I am now on a trip to Terengganu, but changed to Perak instead.
However, I am still in the midst of settling my own challenge,
The husband asked and begged me to stay in JB, and get myself done, here.

I met a couple,
who were so humble and I did managed to provide them my business. Out of nowhere, Rezeki Allah itu ada.

After sending off Husband to the bus station, visited Kak Ecam in KPJ Putri.
Adam was sick, and got admitted. I hope both of us manage to qualify.
Win or Win.

I am tired,
I am super exhausted.

But I am not yet to give up.

O' Allah, I will remember this day forever.
When I do success in the field I am in, please remind me of these days.

Sacrifices from everyone,
and I shall contribute back to them.

In Allah's will.

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