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January 1, 2018

171222 Something Inside

Some of my points for my V-log.
Which I am posting it here first.

1. Checked my period wasn't stable for few months before. Scanned, empty rahim. its just hormone
masa baru tahu pregnant, esok nya naik KL naik bus. utk uruskan claim client. mmg mual but kuat2 kan
2. Keadaan 1st Trim - teruk, muntah2, panic attack few spotting, check ups, doctors asked to rest
3. Tak naik ofis - bersyukur dpt kerja in the best situation. But dont take it as wrong advantages. Tq bosses & buddies (dtg rumah, bawakkan food)
4. Tak boleh bau minyak. masak2. Muntah2. So thankful husband is all there. Tak boleh keluar rumah & drive sgt
5. Not yet to break the news. but Alhamdulillah already 13 weeks. grow beautifully, baby
6. Pengajaran thru out this journey ; sabar. I was in the midst nak kejar achievement for my work, than this Anugerah datang. So happy, but yet i was clueless. Hopefully I am superGreat  for the next few months to go!

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