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September 12, 2011

038. The smell of the first night of school .

Esok dah start sekolah.
Baju dah gosok
Alat tulis dah beli.
Beg dah kemas.
Kasut dah kilat.

Harapan saya semoga ; sesi kali ini lebih bermakna bersama muka-muka baru


saya mampu manage my time and money wisely.


Lets start our semester with deeds that lead us to Allah.

How about, giving a simple smile?


Love ya guys.

I am so tired. Trust me i am typing this with my eyes shut. But when I read back my error, I undo and typed again.


Bulan dah terang benderang. Shayeww shukewww shangattt :D

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