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September 16, 2011

041. Istikharah for everything.


Istikharah is for everything that you want to choose.
May Allah guide you in what ever path that you choose.

Before I handed over the appeal letter earlier semester two 2010 , I took the power of Istikharah.

and because of that,

I stop to think of whatever things that would bring me down.

if this is the way.
I'll take it and cherish everything that Allah has provided.


In fact, Istikharah can be done everyday.
Because in our daily life, of course we will encounter phases of life that need us to decide.

and to decide well,
only Allah can give you the instinct or help.


Istikharah with puasa sunat sekali.
dan paling penting, yakin atasnya.

Tentang mimpi atau tidak, Wallahualam.
Hanya Allah yang tahu,
dan awak yang rasa ketenangan dan petunjuk itu.

It may leads to one another, who knows right?



p/s : I miss my girlfriends ... Kalau dulu jalan terkedek-kedek bersama. sekarang saya bawa haluan sendiri. Nevermind, I still have them in my heart. Love love much.