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September 25, 2011

043. First layer of ...

Salam alaykum...

I'm updating while doing my painting.

Perhaps, I would rather staying up late night playing with ze acrylics and brushes :)


Kaedfest just ended yesterday. I'll update more about it later, InsyaAllah.

Trust me, since I went back to UIA, it has been a very busy days for me. Juggling between studies and part-time job as committee for the fest. Alhamdulillah I'm still alive!!! So does the rest of the teams.

I love them and it was such a bless that Allah made us to meet each other thru this big event.

By the way, I just want to say ;

"Perkenalan ini masih di lapisan pertama tetapi saya harap mendapat berkat Ilahi"

How to get the berkat?


Hanya yang tahu, yang tahu.

I just realised at the very left part of my painting, the leaves looked like Love shape kan?

It was such a lovely coincidence.

Being 20, saya rasa saya makin manja. Mak keeps on calling for almost everyday, and I love that fact of Mak and Bapak are at home berdua, beraya berdua... Ouch, macam zaman bercinta semula rasanya.

In case Mak didn't give a call, saya sendiri rasa mahu mengadu padanya. Saya rasa buat masa sekarang Mak lah orang paling layak untuk dijadikan tempat mengadu :)

Dan bapak,

Tempat paling best untuk meminta belanja.

Okay NO!

Bapak, tempat paling best to rely on since he's my superhero :)

Tapi, saya belum beritahu mak tentang seorang makcik. Haih.

*payah sangat.


Salam alaykum.
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