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May 5, 2013

.31. Sincerely, I am

Indeed, moving on is when you look at your past, you will not be affected by that. Your emotions remain calm. Your memories won't haunt you so badly. You see your life, your past as a blessing not a curse for you, Your actions are taken very mush wisely after that.

Be thankful to God, always. To give you all HIS bless and love, to again seek for HIS pleasure.

Alhamdulillah, I am recovered. EnsyaAllah.

And my smiles, my laugh are not fake anymore or something that I forced to put on.

as I have claimed to be the servant of Allah, I shall try my best effort to detach myself from Dunya, and use it as a tool to reach Jannah. Not using Dunya as a goal to be achieved. Mujahadah is a true struggle of a real Mukmin.

Sincerely, I am.


"Sungguh, detik waktu yang lampau tak dapat diulang semula. Apa yang silap hanya mampu diharap ampun dari si Penguasa Alam. Apa yang di hadapan harus sentiasa diusahakan, agar baik baik sahaja. Hati, kau sudah pulih ya. Sakitnya tidak lagi dirasa. Melangkahlah lebih jauh. Melangkahlah lebih yakin. Allah itu pasti bersamamu" , MaryamK.

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kumin alfi said...

saya kenal maryam kirana saya,

Berbahagialah dengan segala apa awak ada dan dapat sekarang maryam, sebab tak semua orang rasa dan dapat apa yang awak ada :)